Ozmon Media specializes in Radio Air Personality Development and offers radio station management and individuals customized talent development programs and seminars designed to immediately impact on and improve air personality performance.

Clients say they hear positives changes in their air personalities’ performances within days and often see increases in their shows’ ratings positions in a matter of just a few months.

Ozmon Media’s programs include:
Morning show development and training.
Our morning show programs begin with a comprehensive analysis of your morning show in order to identify the assets of the show and the big picture opportunities for time spent listening growth and increased entertainment value.  From this analysis clients receive a detailed morning show coaching plan that clearly states the step-by-step application plan for the actual coaching process.
One of the strongest assets Lorna Ozmon brings to this process is her ability to communicate the plan’s coaching points to the air talent in a positive, non-threatening manner.  Her sessions are less about criticism and more about learning new techniques and tactics that can help air personalities grow and improve their on-air performances.  After the first coaching session air personalities rave about how positive and helpful the experience was for them.
Air personalities emerge from the coaching process invigorated and can’t wait to get back on the air to try out what they have learned.  The actual coaching process can be done either in person in a market visit or can be accomplished via the telephone and internet.
Program Director training in morning show and air talent development
One of the most important skill sets today’s Program Director must have is the ability to develop morning shows and air personalities in general.  But, not every Program Director inherently has the tools to do this as well as he or she would like.
Radio sales managers are exposed to all manner of training in their careers to help them grow and become more successful.  Program Directors get little, if any, truly valuable training.
Ozmon Media offers Program Directors the training they need to improve their communication with their air personalities so that the changes they want to see their air personalities make actually happen on the air.  Program Directors can also receive training in the fundamentals of compelling content treatment, comedic execution, improvisational theater and sitcom design, four of the key elements that drive a great morning show.
Program Directors emerge from Ozmon Media’s Program Director training as stronger morning show directors and developers of their air talent making them a more valuable asset to the radio station and its parent company.
Group seminars and webinars for radio programming personnel
Nothing improves the moral and boosts the creative spirit and energy of a programming department as a substantive training session where the staff learns new skill sets.
Ozmon Media offers a wide variety of affordable seminars and workshops designed to offer programming and promotion department group training.
Hot client topics include Instant TSL,  How to increase your Arbitron share in 90 days or less,  Beyond Literal,  How to create more compelling radio content, The Art of Morning Show Development and Being a Coach, Not a Critic,  How to make meaningful air personality performance changes in a positive environment.
Customized seminars and workshops can be created to address almost any area of programming,  promotion and marketing.  Webinar versions of all Ozmon Media seminars are also available.  Seminars and webinars are cost effective ways to add greater value to your product.

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