July 5-11 is Sports Cliche Week, a week to honor the use of those overused sports cliche of fans, athletes, sportscasters and sportswriters.  To mark this week, consider launching the topic, “The Lamest Sport Cliche of All-Time.”

To get the topic going toss out a few examples like, “We have to play them one game at a time.”, “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.” and “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” Then open up the phones and let listeners add their favorites to the list.  Be sure to come up with the top three to five as the element you use to bring this topic to resolution.

You could also reflects this week by making a list of the most annoying sportscasters nationally and/or locally in your market.  Solicit the audience by asking them to call you with the single most annoying sports figure to help give this some focus and a clear path towards resolution.

The third way you might reflect this week is by asking listeners to rephrase those old, worn out sports cliches. For example, “We have to play them one game at a time.” could be  rephrased as, “We’re on a singular game mission this year.”  You could combine this idea with the most annoying sports figure idea. At the conclusion of this topic, tell listeners that you will send the list of rephrased cliches to the most annoying sport figure in your poll.

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