‘Tis the season to tip the people who provide us with great service all year long.  In a survey conducted earlier this year, the majority of respondents (66%) say they tip their housekeeper or cleaning person during the holidays.  The next most likely service person to get tipped this year is a child-care provider such as a nanny, aupair, or daytime sitter (64%)  followed by school teachers at 60%.  Hairdressers or stylists are 4th on the list of those who are most likely to see a tip this year (48%).  At 5th is the newspaper carrier (39%), followed closely by manicurists or pedicurists (38%), mail carrier (21%), fitness trainer or instructor (19%) and sanitation or recycling collector (11%).

How much are people tipping each of these folks?  The housekeeper comes in at number one again averaging holiday tips of $35, followed by child-care providers who average $30 and fitness trainer at $25.  Here is the complete list of the median average for service provider holiday tips:

1.  Housekeeper $35

2.  Child-care provider $30

3. Fitness trainer $20

tie 4. Hairdresser, Mail carrier, Sanitation collector, and Schoolteacher $20

tie 8.  Manicurist/pedicurist, and Newspaper carrier $15

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