When your family gets together each year for Thanksgiving everyone expects that certain family traditions will be upheld.  Traditional family dishes will be prepared and NFL football will be on the television.  But not all of those traditions are the warm and fuzzy kind.  Pretty much every family can expect certain dysfunctional traditions will be repeated as well no matter what kind of precautions we take.

For example, Thanksgiving at my dad’s house is a totally choreographed affair.  His wife makes a written and posted list of jobs everyone has to do and no one gets a choice in which ones they get.  If she gives you the job of ringing the dinner bell (I’m not kidding) you know she thinks you’re useless.

Consider sharing your own dysfunctional Thanksgiving traditions on the air and then open up the phones to see if your audience can top them.  Look for the single most dysfunctional Thanksgiving tradition or make a list of the top three to use as resolution to this topic.

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